Carbon Fiber and Glass

Carbon Fiber Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Carbon Fiber and Glass?

We have been working on something completely revolutionary. What's that you might ask? Well we've successfully combined one of the strongest, lightest and most durable materials out there with our glass.

Carbon Fiber is just that, carbon. 6 carbon molecules arranged in a hexagonal pattern is all that makes up one of the strongest materials known to man. Carbon in other forms is weak. Think of lead in a pencil, It's soft and scratches easily. Thats the same carbon we are talking about. Well why is carbon fiber so much stronger than normal carbon? The answer lies within the bonds. Lead or normal carbon isn't arranged in any sort of way and the bonds aren't organized so the strength doesn't exist. But when carbon is arranged in such a way that all 4 of the carbon bonds are bonded (3 single and 1 double) it creates the wonder material known as carbon fiber. Cool huh?

We've taken this material and used it to encase our tempered glass. Take a look at the simple sketch below it will help you out if we lost you in our nerd out above. 

Carbon Fiber Tempered Glass Screen Protector Sketch

We'll be launching our carbon fiber tempered glass soon so stay up to date on our Instagram or twitter account and we will keep you in the loop. 

As always, stay protected my friend,