Tempered Glass Screen Installation is Easy as Z

One of the biggest worries customers have is centered around installation. Is it hard? It is easy? How do I do it? etc. We've put together a quick video explaining the quick and dirty on the install. 

The steps are as follows:

  1. Remove any case you have and use the included alcohol pad (#1) to clean the surface of the phone.
  2. Use the included microfiber cloth to wipe off the excess alcohol droplets
  3. Unstick the included dust sticker and use it to remove any remaining fibers or dust on the surface of the phone
  4. Remove the backing from the screen, carefully line up the screen with the protector and apply by gently pushing on the center of the screen. 

A couple things: The installation packet also includes sticker guides. These can help when you are applying the screen. You can use them to line up the speakers or hold the screen above the phone to get the perfect position before application. 

Did you apply it wrong or off center, is there a dust spot? Don't worry. The glue we use on our screen protectors has a slight delayed activation. That means you can peel up one edge and remove the screen. Be extremely careful when peeling up the edge. Once you have peeled off the screen protector if you need to clean off the back of the screen use the alcohol wipe and wipe off whatever dust may be there and re-apply the screen. Voila! Perfect screen, perfect fit!